Who are we?

By the admiration for ancient civilizations and their skills to combine with nature, using an ancestral know-how together with modern technology was born in 2001 in France EUSA COLORS with the vocation to create in Europe a production unit of natural colors and its derivates as well as flavors. With its main product: the Carmine of Cochineal, EUSA COLORS is positioned as one of the few rare manufactures of carmine in Europe.

Since 2001 Eusa Colors keeps diversifying its activity. The activity is divided in four interactive product families: food colors, flavors, additives & ingredients and the special preparations using our products.

Eusa Colors, Working with nature, taking care of future

Through its production unit in Châteaurenard, EUSA COLORS produces carmine of cochineal (E120): food color used in the industries of sausages, yogurts, candies, sea products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

By its partnership with Indian companies, supervised by Eusa India, EUSA COLORS transforms seed oil and oleoresin produced from the extraction of plants with vegetal oil as to distribute coloring agents and spices for diverse uses.

The production of seafood flavors (mainly salty flavors for surimi) and sweet/fruit flavors essentially produced to export to Asia, allows it to be one of the main actors on the food-processing industry market in Europe.

By its Representation Office based in China, EUSA COLORS imports and distributes different kinds of additives and ingredients used in the composition of a large variety of products.

By its presence within famous companies, EUSA COLORS produces special preparations, contributing this way to reach an excellent level with customer services.