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Food colors & natural flavors

It was in 2001 in France that Eusa Colors was born.

Born of admiration for ancient civilizations and their ability to deal with nature using ancestral know-how combined with modern techniques, Eusa Colors offers food colorings and natural flavors capable of meeting all your needs.

Eusa Colors: Working with nature, taking care of future!

Through its production unit in Châteaurenard in Bouches-du-Rhône (13), Eusa Colors produces cochineal carmine (E120 ): food coloring used for curing, dairy, confectionery, the sea, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry .

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Research & Development

Eusa Colors carries out rigorous tests in order to provide traceability of its products.

Thanks to our analysis laboratory , all products from our production are analyzed and accompanied by a document attesting to its quality.

Trust in certified products made in France!

All our sweet and savory flavors, our natural and synthetic colorings, our oleoresins & essential oils, our aromatic blends, our ingredients & additives are subject to rigorous certifications to ensure the optimal quality of our products.

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A “naturally” rigorous traceability

If the use of dyes, additives and other flavorings raises questions in the pharmaceutical sector, Eusa colors guarantees you complete and precise traceability of all our products.

All the information is clear and is subject to certifications in order to guarantee total reliability of our productions from our Research & Development laboratory.

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The “flower” of R&D

The agri-food sector is highly regulated and it requires products that meet the requirements of the sector.

At Eusa colors, we carry out rigorous R&D work to produce food colors and flavors of recognized quality.

Trust a company recognized for your food coloring

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Eusa colors
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